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 Porongurup National Park

The Porongurup Range is one of the world’s oldest at more than 1100 million years.

Massive granite domes and lush karri forest dominate the landscape.

Because it’s so old and weathered, the peaks aren’t super tall (670m at highest point).

That means many of the walks are gentle and suit a wide range of ages and abilities.  Favourites – Devil’s Slide, Nancy’s Peak, Castle Rock, Tree in the Rock, Balancing Rock.  The Granite Skywalk is a fantastic way to see the range and views both South and North reward the final climb.

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Granite Skywalk

10 Wineries in 10 Minutes!

The Sleeping Lady shares a driveway with Castle Rock Estate, so you can wander next door and taste a variety of award winning wines.   Other wineries nearby include Dukes Vineyard, Ironwood Estate, Jingalla, Springviews, Zarephath, Abbey Creek, Millinup, Mount Trio and Gibraltar Rock.  Being not as well known as other wine regions has it’s charm.  There’s every chance you’ll turn up at a cellar door, and being the only ones there, have a relaxed chat with the owner or winemaker about the subtleties of this years reisling.

 To find out more go to www.porongurup.com.

The Local Village

You’ll find a relaxed pace of life at Porongurup Village.

There are about 100 residents and the centre of the local community is the Porongurup Shop & Tearooms.  It sells all the essentials and serves meals but best of all has a welcoming garden out the back.

During the long weekend in March the community is hyped for the Porongurup Wine Festival.

More information –  Wine Festival info click here
Wine Festival Facebook Page – click here
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The Stirling Range National Park

The Stirling Range is 50km north of The Sleeping Lady and has more challenging climbs such as the infamous Bluff Knoll.  Very occasionally it snows on the peaks – the only place in WA this happens.  Both the Porongurup and Stirling Ranges are internationally recognised bio-diversity hotspots.



Mt Barker

The town of Mt Barker is 28 km west.  It has many more wineries (Plantagenet, Galafrey, 3 drops, Capel Vale, Poachers Ridge, just to name a few).

Albany & The Southern Coast

Albany is 40 km south and is a beautiful coastal city with far too many attractions to fit here.  A real highlight is whale season (July to September) when mothers and calves are regularly seen impossibly close to shore.  Go to www.amazingalbany.com.au for much, much more.

The southern coastline has wild white water surging against rugged rocky cliffs and white sand beaches with crystal clear turquoise water.  Only a short drive from towns you’ll find deserted beaches, and that’s magic!